#155 July Status Report

July 23, 2020

In last month’s report I introduced the Cliff-Top Restaurant, which is the destination for customers of the EnterTRAINment Junction (EJ) Aerial Tramway. The restaurant has now been installed, initially as shown in Figure 1. However, it was decided that this location didn’t give the building the visibility it deserved, and so it was moved farther along the cliff-top shelf.

Figure 1. Destination for Aerial Tram Customers

Figure 2 shows the restaurant at its final location, where it can be better seen and appreciated from a number of different locations on the EJ layout, as we’ll see in the following. The photographs in Figures 2 and 3 were taken from the EJ aisle near the Middle City’s drive-in soda stand. Both photographs were taken during the period of EJ’s “daylight” lighting. Some adjustments in the daylight spotlighting will be needed to give the restaurant its proper due.

Figure 2. Cliff-Top Restaurant and Upper Aerial Tramway Station

Figure 3 is a telephoto shot taken from the same location as that in Figure 2. Plans are in work to install support columns under the turret to make the overhang look more realistic.

Figure 3. Closeup of Cliff-Top Restaurant

Figure 4 is a telephoto shot taken from underneath the bridges by the Fire Station near the aisle-tunnel entrance to the Middle Period. The Mezzanine window seen directly behind the building was the viewpoint for Figure 6 below.

Figure 4. Cliff-Top Restaurant as Seen from Near the Fire Station

Figure 5 was photographed during EJ’s dusk lighting period. It was taken from the aisle across from the video theater in the Railroading Museum. The time exposure makes the scene much brighter than what the human eye would see. An interesting side effect of the new location for the restaurant is the additional real estate now available on the shelf. I wonder what new features will find their way there for EJ customers to enjoy.

Figure 5. Cliff Seen in Dusk Lighting

Figure 6 is a view of the restaurant from the EJ Mezzanine window.

Figure 6. Restaurant Seen from Mezzanine

With EJ once again open to visitors after the Covid19 shutdown, the volunteers are now back at EJ again working on their projects, so there will be more things to report in future episodes. Stay tuned.

© 2020 Tom Bartsch

MVGRS Big Train Project Coordinator