#154 June Status Report

June 18, 2020

Most of these recent reports have focused on the new Aerial Tramway at EnterTRAINment Junction (EJ) with only cursory mention of what its purpose is in the world of the layout. It’s there to transport customers from the main level of EJ’s Middle City up to a cliff-top restaurant. That linked their development schedules, their locations, and some of their physical features. This article is aimed at making up for some of the lack of reporting on this ongoing tram-related project.

The development and construction of the tramway was done by one team of EJ volunteers, while the design and construction of the restaurant was done by another team of EJ volunteers. Fortunately both teams worked at EJ on Mondays, simplifying any needed coordination. Figure 1 shows the tramway and a representation of the restaurant in its approximate intended location.

Figure 1. Destination for Aerial Tram Customers

Figure 2 shows the restaurant building, prepped for a trial installation on the cliff top. It is missing the upper floor and conical roof of it’s cliff-edge turret.

Figure 2. Cliff-Top Restaurant

Figure 3 shows the detailed interior of the dining area on the lower floor of the turret. The upper floor of the turret houses a bar with an equally spectacular view of the city for its customers. Unfortunately I have no photograph of it yet.

Figure 3. Restaurant Detail

The Covid 19 pandemic-caused temporary closure of EJ has halted work on the building’s installation and on the construction of the necessary elevated walkway from the tram station to the restaurant. That latter is another design challenge for the teams, since it must correctly link the two buildings; it must have lighting for customer safety; AND it must be removable to allow maintenance access to the tram station. Those are the teams’ next jobs once EJ reopens. Hopefully that reopening will be soon.

© 2020 Tom Bartsch

MVGRS Big Train Project Coordinator