Enter a land of illusion and fun. Navigate your way through a labyrinth of reflections – who knows where one mirror ends and the next begins. Work together to find your way to the end of the maze.

The Legend

Legend has it, there was an extremely vain princess in England during the Dark Ages. On her 16th birthday, her father said she could have anything she wanted so the princess asked to see herself constantly since she was so beautiful. Angered by her request, her father built a maze entirely of mirrors trimmed in gold.

Getting just what she asked for, the princess entered the maze while her father shut the door behind her. She was able to see herself in every direction as she wanted, but she was never seen again.

EnterTRAINment Junction’s Mirror Maze is an exact replica of the princess’s maze. Don’t worry, the door won’t shut behind you!

Recommended for all ages. Please supervise children. We recommend you hold the hands of small children to help them avoid running into the mirrors. This attraction meets ADA requirements.