Marble Display

The World’s Most Complete Display of Marbles

Where can you find the most complete collection of marbles and marble related items in the US?  Right here at EnterTRAINment Junction!  We can display such a unique collection thanks to Larry and Cathy (The Marble LadySvacina.  Over the years Larry and Cathy made it their goal to, not only collect all styles and types of marbles but do what they can to educate and promote marbles as a hobby and a multi-generational sport. They were looking for a marble museum that could display their collection but there wasn’t a marble museum big enough! So they brought them to EnterTRAINment Junction.

In our marble display, you will see lots of unique collectible marbles, marble games, marble jewelry, an amazing kinetic marble sculpture and more! In fact, the collection is so large the museum can’t display everything at once!   So, keep an eye out since we will have some displays that rotate thru different marble displays.

How many kinds of marbles can there be?

It’s hard to say how many kinds there are because they can be categorized by size, material, and design.  Some of the more common ones are “aggies” which came from the name “agate” which is an ornamental stone typically banded in appearance,  “Onion skins” which gets in name from the unique way the glass is layered and “peewees” which are smaller marbles usually less than ½ inch wide.  For more information see Kinds of Marbles.

Over the years specialty and collectible marbles have been manufactured by hand and you can see many of the marbles and marble related items in the collection. Can you imagine a marble with uranium in the center?  Well, you can see some on our marble display!  They glow under black light and they are completely safe, check out the physics, since they are enclosed in glass.  Another interesting type in the collection is Sulphides.  These marbles are usually 3/4” or larger, usually clear, and have some type of figurine inside at its center.

Marbles may be the oldest game on earth.

It may be important to note that there is no one single game that is called marbles.  Over the centuries many games played with marbles were given the simple name “marbles”.  Even the Egyptians played games with round stones (sometimes made of marble).  Sometime around the 1500’s documentation re-emerged of the game and glass marbles became popular in the mid – 1800’s when a German glassblower invented “marble scissors”.   For more information see History of Marbles.

This marble display is just another great feature in our expo center.