Ready to attend Clown College at EnterTRAINment Junction?

See amazing illusions that only a clown could dream up, including a hilarious tilt room and the astonishing Ames Room.

Unlike a real clown college where you can learn to be a clown, this attraction was created by clowns. And what do you get when you let a clown do something… a mess! You will be dumbfounded and astounded as you enter rooms that will confuse you. Can a person really grow or shrink simply by walking across the room? Can a ball roll up a hill?

Not a fan of clowns? Don’t worry, they have left the attraction, leaving only their illusions that will leave you scratching your head.

Recommended for all ages. Please supervise children. With the exception of the tilt room (for which there is a bypass) this attraction has ramped floors which meet ADA requirements.