One-of-a-kind fun like you’ve never had before!

Our A-Maze-N Funhouse, designed like an old-time circus midway, is sure to be an adventure for the whole family! Navigate your way through Curtain Chaos and the Mirror Maze - who can find the end first? Learn from the pros at Clown College then try to access the secrets of the circus in the Crazy Caper. Finally, step outside of this universe in Outer Limits - hold on tight!

Learn more about each of these a-maze-ing attractions below!

Curtain Chaos -

How hard can it be to make your way through a confusing maze of curtains?

Mirror Maze -

Mirror Maze

Outer Limits -

Outer Limits

Clown College -

Clown College

Crazy Caper -

Crazy Caper

Christmas Journey -

Christmas Journey