Train Scales AND The Adventures of Tiny Ted – Episode #2

May 6, 2014

Tiny Ted is back for more adventures and misadventures! This time Ted shows some fun detail in the 1940’s section of the display and talks about the scale of the Worlds Largest Indoor Train Display . You’ll fall head over heels with Tiny Ted…you’ll see what I mean.

So and check out The Adventures of Tiny Ted – Episode 2!

Here at the Junction a common question we are asked is “What scale train should I buy”?  We can’t always tell you what to buy but here is some basic info…

Tiny Ted

Scale represents the ratio of the model to the real-life size. For example, G Scale is about 1:24 Scale where 1 inch on the model equals about 2 feet in real life. Thus, a 40′ box car would be around a foot and half on your model railroad, or about the size of a loaf of bread.

Since it is a large scale it is very easy for children to operate because they very rarely derail. Much of the equipment made in G Scale is suitable for use outside in a Garden Railroad, or here on our layout at EnterTRAINment Junction!

Tiny Ted trains

Another popular scale is “O”.  Made popular by Lionel, O scale is 1:48 so a 40’ box car would be around 10 inches long. There is a O scale layout in our kids play area, along with Neil Young’s layout in our Expo Center, click here, and find out how we got Neil’s Layout.

HO Scale is the most popular of the scales due to its size. The scale is 1:87 which means that a 40′ box car would be just under half a foot long.  Since it is the most popular scale it has the largest selection of starter sets, track, rolling stock and accessories. Have you seen our Thomas Layout in Imagination Junction? It’s HO scale!


N Scale is 1:160 so a 40′ box car would be a little over 3 inches long. Due to its small size this scale is not often recommended for smaller children who may find manipulating the rolling stock difficult.  It is the growing in popularity mainly due to the fact that it needs less space than the other more popular scales. People have built N scale layout in all kinds of neat places, check out this Ikea coffee table, or Diana’s suitcase layout!

There are other scales and types but these are the 4 most popular.  For more information you can check out the National Model Railroad Association  or try  If you live in the area you can always stop into Junction Hobbies and Toys, and well be more than happy to help you out!

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