Tips to stay healthy

February 28, 2019

When it comes to staying healthy, EnterTRAINment understands the importance of a clean facility which involves sanitizing the kids play structure every night, cleaning counter tops, and offering hand sanitizer at different locations throughout our facility. Not to mention, we get a LOT of compliments on how clean our restrooms are. (Way to go, Scottie and crew!)

Even though flu season should (hopefully!) be wrapping up, we decided to compile a list of ways to keep your family healthy!

-Make sure everyone covers their mouths when they cough. The best way to do this is by example and by constant reminders! You can even have fun with this one! I saw someone once put a little face on the child’s sleeve and called the face a germ monster. The child would then feed the germ monster by coughing into his face (aka his sleeve!)
-Make sure you (and the kids!) get plenty of rest. It’s best to stick to a routine. Even if you have a crazy schedule, try to go to sleep the same time every night.
-Wash your hands! A fun way to show kids the importance of washing their hands involves glitter! Put some glitter on their hands and then let them play with their toys. Afterwards, have them see where all the glitter ended up which is essentially a way to see where germs go if they don’t wash their hands.
-Quarantine sick kids. (And adults!) As much as we LOVE you guys, we don’t want what you have! It seems as though whenever one person on our staff gets sick, EVERYONE gets sick! Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to germs. 🙂

We do our best here to keep our facilities clean, sanitized, and our staff healthy in order to best serve you! We hope you and your little ones stay in optimal health for the remainder of flu season.

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