Fun and Unique Train Books for Kids

September 27, 2017

Of course we’ve all heard of the classics, but today we want to celebrate the books that are anything but ordinary! The titles listed in the article below are interactive and offer more than just words on a page. These are your not-so-typical books that deserve a place on your shelf!

Wind-Up Train Book This book has fun written all over the pages! There is a track embedded into the book which accompanies the wind-up train.  The train can then be placed on the tracks which helps bring the story to life. Kids can follow the path of the train and watch it complete the layout! I wish I had this book as a kid!

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On the Train -shine a light book There are many hidden secrets in this book! Part of the fun is the mystery aspect! Kids can discover what life on the rails is like when they grab a flashlight and shine it at the pages. When the pages are in the light you’re able to see inside of the engine, into the box cars, the cabins of the passenger trains, and more!


Big Book of Big Trains This book is full of fun facts about the world’s biggest and best trains. With plenty of facts about record-breaking trains, diesel and steam trains, and more, kids will learn a lot! There are giant fold out pages which help kids discover the stunning types of the world’s trains.

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That’s Not My Train is a touchy-feely book that younger kids are sure to love. This book features multiple textures to help develop sensory and language awareness.

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These books are just a sampling of some of the special and unique style of books that are becoming increasingly popular. They can make reading even more fun and enjoyable with different levels of interaction. These books and more are available at EnterTRAINment Junction gift shop!