Our Favorite Kid’s Train Books

August 25, 2015

Usborne has come out with some FANTASTIC interactive books lately!

Of course, our favorites are the ones having to do with trains!
At EnterTRAINment Junction our first ABSOLUTE favorite is the Wind-Up Train Book. Kids can open this large book and actually RUN THE TOY TRAINS ON THE TRACKS OF THE PAGES! It’s different from any book I have seen before and every kid LOVES IT! It tells a story of where the train goes through cities and, and the tracks correspond with it.
Wind-Up Train
There another pull back version of the book as well, the book isn’t as large, but has a few more tracks. Along with these interactive books, there is also the “Noisy Train” sound book with buttons to go along with the story. There is also a Baby Very First Version of this book for younger toddlers!
Let us know if you have found any other unique interactive kids books!
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