Easy Halloween Sensory Bags for Toddlers

October 29, 2014

Sensory bags are the perfect Halloween fun for babies and toddlers! They get to play with oozy slime but without all the mess!

Toddler Halloween Activity Squish Bag

I’ve seen a lot of toddlers sensory bags made with gelatin, corn syrup, or other complicated mixing ingredients, but I came across many moms that were simply filling Ziploc bags with colored hair gel, or mixing food coloring to clear gel to make things even easier!

If you’re using a clear gel, you can even use primary colors to teach your toddler about mixing. The photos below are even just plain water and food coloring to allow the stuff inside to move around faster for babies.

Halloween Sensory Bags

To get them themed up for Halloween https://plainvanillamom.com used glitter, pom balls, googly eyes, and spiders.

Sensory Bag

If you feel like having more adventurous sensory play with your toddler check theses out:

glowing_sensory_bag_play_3 glowing_sensory_bag_play_9

Glowing Sensory Bag


3 Ingredient Halloween Slime

All of us at EnterTRAINment Junction wish you a fun and safe Halloween, if you’re still looking for an indoor trick-or-treat option, stop by to see us.