Accomplishing Chores Around the House

March 25, 2014

When it comes to housekeeping there are a hundred things you could do in a day, if you had the time. Accomplishing all the chores around the house may be a feat that’s impossible but accomplishing most of them can be possible. Here are three easy tips to remember when it comes to completing housework as a busy mom.

Habits vs Routines

Most articles you’ll read will stress the importance of routines and schedules and those are both very important but there is another factor that can help immensely when it comes to conquering housework and that’s forming good habits.

Instead of making it a weekly chore to pick up all the shoes out of the garage and take them inside, take your shoes inside and put them away every day as soon as you get in the house. Instead of washing dishes at the end of the day, clean up your dishes after you eat. Instead of letting things accumulate around the house knockout little things throughout the day.

There will always be housework like dusting, mopping the floors cleaning the bathroom etc. that need to be done on a weekly and not a daily basis.  Routines and little tips and tricks  will help with accomplishing said  chores. The combination of both good routines and habits will help with getting housework accomplished.

Family Tasks

Housework doesn’t have to be solely your responsibility. Yes, when your children are babies it is unlikely you’ll receive help from them but as they grow there are a lot of things kids can do to help around the house.  Starting as young as two years old there are chores that you can do as a family. Let the little ones help you and save

Depending on the age of your children assign tasks to your children to help get jobs finished. There are a ton of age appropriate chores for you to choose to give to your child.


It’s important to understand Mrs. Cleaver is not the norm and nobody gets everything done in one day on their own. You have to set your standards on what housework is most important to get done and focus on that. Your housework and priorities and time will change as your children get older. If you have a young child, toddler and an infant you’re going to have to prioritize your tasks. The children require a lot of energy when they’re young and they aren’t able to help out as much.

If you know of any other helpful ways to get all the housework done in a day please share your insight in the comments below.  Make sure to give us a visit here at EnterTRAINment Junction with all the time you’ll be saving with our tips!

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