5 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained While Traveling

June 24, 2014


Travel with Kids

We at EnterTRAINment wish we could provide your family with entertainment everyday but sadly we can’t. However, we know that your kids need daily entertainment and we want to help! We’ve come up with 5 ways to entertain your kids on the go – or at home!

1. Coloring

Letting your little ones color their favorite characters is a great way to keep them entertained. Storing coloring books behind the seats of your cars makes them easily accessible and easy to travel with. We personally suggest separate crayons for each child to limit any arguments over sharing colors.

2. Electronic Devices

Thankfully the world of technology has created easy ways to keep kids entertained no matter where you are. The options are limitless. There’s the option of using your smart phone and downloading great apps for the kids. There’s the option of the family iPad, Kindle, or individual kid iPod touches. There’s even PSP’s, Gameboy’s and other hand held devices. For the younger kids there are plenty of Leapster products for them to use. No matter the budget or child’s age there’s an electronic device for them.

3. Books

Technology may be great and provide hours of limitless entertainment but there is still a need to keep the kids away from the screens at times. Books are perfect for keeping your child entertained while learning.  But, we don’t suggest giving your children just any book recommended for their age group. We suggest finding your child’s interest and letting them help pick out books based on what they are interested in. Allowing them to read about what they love will help teach them to learn to love to read!

4. Games

A lot of major game makers have created travel size versions of classic games that you can easily take with you wherever your family may go.  Not only are there plenty travel size board games but there are family games you can teach your children, like rock paper scissors.

5. Writing

If you have a budding young author, or a pre schooler just learning to write giving them a notebook to practice on is a perfect solution for keeping them entertained! Suggest to your older children to write you a story about anything you can think of and see what their imaginations create.

And, when all else fails, snacks! Pack lots of extra snacks that you know your kids love.