#129 March Status Report

March 31, 2018

This month’s article is a further update on what’s new on the EnterTRAINment Junction (EJ) layout.  As usual, the order that items are shown is in the order a visitor would see them while following the aisle through the layout.

The improbable parking structure (see Part 78) in the Modern City is now gone.  It’s been replaced with a brand new well-lit and detailed modern office building, labeled with the MSC logo, representing the Mediterranean Shipping Company.  It’s shown in Figure 1 behind the Natorps billboard.


Figure 1.  MSC Building Wide View


The building has a very narrow lens-shaped footprint (Figure 2), and, unfortunately for the employees working there, a substantial shortage of parking spaces for their cars (a problem shared by most of the buildings in the Modern City).


Figure 2.  MSC Building End View


Figure 3 shows a side view of the mostly-glass-sided building.  Great views for the office workers, but not much privacy.


Figure 3.  MSC Building Side View


Figure 4 shows the very nicely-done interior details of some of the offices, with their floor-to-ceiling windows, furniture, computers, plants, and artwork.  It must be a day off for the company, not a lot of workers present.


Figure 4.  MSC Building Office Detail




In last month’s article, I introduced the Amish farm, located in the Balloon Area (Figure 5).  At the time, it wasn’t yet complete.  The equestrians are now gone, replaced by a field being worked by a horse-drawn implement.  Also, some of the trees that blocked the view of the farm have been removed to make the details more visible.


Figure 5.  The Amish Farm




In addition to the house, barn, and silo shown in last month’s picture, there are now more characters, a stone shed, animal pens, more horse-drawn equipment and their horses, clotheslines with hanging wash, and more farm animals (Figure 6).


Figure 6.  The Amish Farm Details


The changes and improvements continue.  Come check out the “new stuff.”


© 2018 Tom Bartsch

MVGRS Big Train Project Coordinator