Why have a Train Themed Party at EnterTRAINment Junction?

July 26, 2019

Every parent wants to give their child a memorable and fun birthday party, right?  With over hundreds of themes to choose from for your child how to do you pick the best one? We suggest having a train themed birthday party with us, right here at EnterTRAINment Junction!

Cincinnati Birthday Party

1. Cost Efficient

We know booking any kind of party can be expensive, but right now you can book a 30 person package as low as $9.65 per person! Our packages include your own space for the party, a gift for the birthday boy/girl, food (if purchased), party invitations, party supplies, and admission to one (or both) of our attractions!

2. Classic Theme

Trains are loved by all genders and ages. A train themed party is a classic that all kids instantly fall in love with. Trains eliminate the problems of children complaining they don’t like the theme or characters of a party.

3.  Enjoyable For Every Age

This is one of the nicest things about EnterTRAINment Junction – there’s something for every age! We have a lot of people who want to throw dual parties for their kids, but sometimes the kids are years apart. Regardless of their age, both children and their friends will all love having a party at EnterTRAINment Junction! Not only is it great for kids, but it’s great for the parents and grandparents too! Everyone will love coming to this party!

4. Easy Party

When you have your party at EnterTRAINment, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the house, decorating, getting everything ready… we have people who do all that for you! Clean up is also easy because we have a cleaning crew which means you don’t have to lift a finger!

6. Perfect For Any Weather

A train party at EnterTRAINment Junction will never get rained out! Not only is there never the problem of rain but there is never the problem of being too cold or too hot. Our facility has temperature regulation to make sure all guest are in a comfortable and enjoyable setting.

Families find that birthday parties at EnterTRAINment Junction are enjoyable for everyone – and they’re fun and easy for hosts and guests alike. For more information on what we can offer, or for additional questions, you can contact Chrissy at 513-898-8000 ext 203 or reserve your party online today!