Who’s Hidden in the World’s Largest Train Display?

May 13, 2014

Did you know on top of our amazing attractions EnterTRAINment also has scavenger hunts to do throughout our display? We have 7 different scavenger hunts here at the Junction. You and your family will never run out of things to search for in our display!

One family spent a total of 6 hours here and found every last thing on all 7 of them (Yes, including the TEN dinosaurs)! Of course, there are hundreds of things not on our lists that are fun to stumble upon, have you found a DeLorean, The Bates Motel, or our friends The Dent School House? It’s been said, every time you come to EnterTRAINment you’ll find something new!

Did you know we’ve also probably hidden your favorite characters in the display?

The next group to visit our display will be……

TOY STORY! You can start hunting for them May 19th!

We have done quite a few different ones in the past, I think that everyone’s favorite has been a close tie between Thomas and Friends and Star Wars! Maybe they’ll make a return visit one day?

What would you like to see hidden next?