Where to store Christmas toys

December 28, 2019

Christmas is over and now your kids now have more toys than they can possibly play with. What do you do with all the toys? Where can you store them so you’re not stepping on lego pieces in the middle of the night? We have some solutions!

 1. Storage Bins

Toy Storage Solutions

Storage bins are great for helping with clean up! We found a parenting blog called The Alpha Parent and they have a great article about organization! (complete with pictures and links on where to find the items!)

2. Car, trains, and track storage

stroage train toys

Play Trains has some great ideas when it comes to organizing all things trains! You can use plastic storage containers or bins to easily store and organize any trains, cars, or other small pieces. The compartments are just the right size and make it easily accessible.

3. Lego Storage and Play Table

Lego Desk

Keeping Lego (or other building blocks) together all in one place! This DIY desk and storage bins make for an easy clean up and less mess!  The table can also double for arts and crafts as well as that silly putty or play doh that you told them they couldn’t have.  😉

4. Barbie Holder and Organizer

Barbie Doll Organizer

A shoe rack works perfectly for keeping Barbie and all of her friends organized. You can get these at the Dollar Store. Just hang it on the inside of the closet or bedroom door and ta da! No more tripping over Barbie on the floor.

What are some of your favorite storage secrets? We’d love to know! Let us know in the comments on our facebook page!