Welcome back, train rides!

May 9, 2019

The weather is finally turning nice (well, minus the rain!) so we are happy to announce that the outdoor rides will be open weekends in May weather permitting! Starting Memorial Day weekend the rides will be running every day through the end of summer. (Again, weather permitting!)

We have two outdoor train rides at EnterTRAINment Junction and both are a big hit with the kiddos.


This ride is great if you want to wear your kids out and have them burn off some energy! Kids express is a hand crank ride (aka kid powered!) so kids will have to use their arm strength to pedal themselves around the track. I once saw a kid go around 7 times without stopping- the energy that’s some of these kids have is amazing! (You’re welcome, parents! We are happy to help tire out your kids!)

You must be under 5 feet to ride this ride-otherwise the car is super uncomfortable! (I know, it stinks getting old!) Kids Express can be found off of the kids play area, about 1/4th of the way through Train Journey


This ride makes it easy to sit back and relax! The track itself loops around to the back of the building and can be seen from 75! There are even some neat animals hiding along the journey… can you find the snake? The monkey?

Adults can accompany children on this ride as long as they meet the weight requirements. Our Electric train ride can be found off of The American Railroading Museum about ½ way through Train Journey.

The rides are included with the Do-It-All ticket, but can also be added on the Train Journey child’s ticket for an additional $3. Each train ride only takes a few minutes to ride so there’s still plenty of time to take in all the other fun that EnterTRAINment has to offer!