Train Themed Birthday’s are the Best Themed Birthdays

April 2, 2014

Every parents wants to give their child a birthday to remember! With over hundreds of themes to choose from for your child how to do you pick the best one? Well, EnterTRAINment is here to help and make your decision easy! We suggest you have a train themed birthday party at the one, the only, EnterTRAINment Junction!

Cincinnati Birthday Party

Why a Train Themed Party at EnterTRAINment Junction?

1. Cost Efficient

Certain venues can cost thousands of dollars once it’s all said and done. We have birthday party rooms you can book at less than $300. Our packages come with private guest rooms, a gift for the birthday boy/girl, food (if purchased), entertainment, do it all admission passes for the whole park, bathrooms and so much more! Our birthday party deals are incredible and impossible to beat!

2. Easy

Yes, easy, having a birthday party at the Junction is easy! The only thing you have to worry about after booking a party is the cake, inviting the people and the presents. You don’t have to worry about buying decorations, catering food from an outside source, booking entertainment for the kids etc. Your party is as easy as one two three!

3. Classic Theme Everyone Will Love

Trains are loved by all genders and all ages. A train themed party is a classic that all kids instantly fall in love with. Trains eliminate the problems of whiny children complaining they don’t like the theme or characters of a party. Trains can be used to unite everyone.

4. Enjoyable For Every Age

Perhaps you have two children born in the same month and you are planning a dual party. Regardless the age gap of the children both children and their friends will all love having a party at EnterTRAINment Junction! Not only will the children love the party but the parents and grandparents will also love being at the party and making fond memories with their loved ones.

5. Minimal Decoration and Clean Up

By minimal we mean the amount of decoration you decide on bringing. However, if you choose not to bring any decoration you’re okay too because there isn’t any needed. We have all the decoration taken care of in our facility. Clean up is also easy because we have a cleaning crew. You don’t have to worry about stuffing trash and decorations in your bins at home or in a park where it won’t all fit.

6. Perfect For Every Weather Condition

A train party at EnterTRAINment Junction will never get rained out! Not only is there never the problem of rain but there is never the problem of being too cold or too hot. Our facility has temperature regulation to make sure all guest are in a comfortable and enjoyable setting.

EnterTRAINment promises to deliver a birthday party your child will never forget! You cannot go wrong when you are choosing a train themed birthday party at EnterTRAINment Junction!