Train Activities To Enjoy At Home

April 22, 2014

Wooden Train

Do your little ones love trains? How could they not? We understand that you’re not going to be able to visit us at EnterTRAINment Junction everyday. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot bring the experience home with you.

Here are 5 train activities you can enjoy at home on a daily basis:

1 . Train Toys

Did you know that if you own a pass to EnterTRAINment Junction you receive 10% off every purchase at our shop, Junction Hobbies & Toys? If you’re not an owner of one of our passes we also have sales throughout the year. In our shop alone we sell: G-Scale trains and accessories, H.O. scale trains and accessories, Thomas the Train merchandise, Playmobil, Cobi, dollhouses and miniatures, Model Building Supplies, Melissa and Doug and so much more. We have enough toys to keep your children entertained for months!

2. Train Books

We do sell books in our Junction Hobbies & Toys but there are a plethora of train books online, in local bookstores and libraries. Children love to be read to and train books are great for you to read to your children and to use to teach them how to read. Reading about trains will help keep your children interested in reading and encourage them to read more.

3. Trains Arts & Crafts

Children have great imaginations. They don’t have to be limited it pre made toys. There are train crafts out there that you can use to help teach your children how to read and learn their numbers.Train arts and crafts can consist of building your own trains, coloring pages and painting with trains. We always recommend looking to Pinterest for ideas and looking to your children. Their imagination may surprise you! Let their brains work and create a magnificent train world!

4. Train Apps, TV, Music & Games

We’re in a digital world, and trains are a part of that world. You can find Thomas The Tank on your local TV stations, in iTunes, in the App Store, in local movie stores and on gaming devices.  Thomas isn’t the only train you can find, there are a lot of other games (many which are free) to download and songs on iTunes to enjoy. EnterTRAINment offers your children and you the enjoyment of Tiny Ted videos of YouTube. Anywhere you look in the digital realm you will find trains.

5. Train Food

Who said you cannot play with your food? Certainly not us! Why not make eating healthy fun? You don’t have to be an artist to create fun train themed food. One of our personal favorites is theThomas the Train snack boxes. The boxes you can create with your child and use to encourage them to eat healthily. There is plethora of train food ideas on Pinterest that will help make lunch time and eating healthy more fun. Use trains to show your kids that eating healthy is enjoyable!

Remember, once you leave EnterTRAINment the train magic doesn’t have to die. You can take the love of trains into your home and experience it on a daily basis!