Top 5 Marble Picks from the Marble Display!

June 17, 2019

It has been an exciting week here at EnterTRAINment Junction as we’ve officially opened our new  Marble Display! It’s not 100% complete yet, but we’re getting there! 🙂

We recently sat down with the Marble Lady and she told us about some of her favorite marbles! You can see all of her favorites (and more!) in our new marble exhibit located in the expo center.

Cathy aka The Marble Lady prefaced the interview by telling me that the marbles are not her favorite because of monetary value, but because of sentimental value. She has an emotional attachment to quite a few of the marbles and I can understand why!

  1. One of her favorite marbles that she started with is one that she got from her grandfather when she first started learning the game. (It’s a stone agate marble) You might remember from previous posts that Cathy grew up with brothers and was told she couldn’t play marbles. Her grandfather, however, told her that she could and encouraged her to learn the game!
    stone agate marble
  2. Did you know that if you discover a marble, you get to name it. She has named around 9 or 10 marbles! She found one of these green marbles in a 25cent bin with a thousand or so other marbles in it. It had a green shimmer to it and reminded her of pert shampoo. She knew it was valued at more than 25cents because it was rare and she had never seen the marble before. Turns out, it comes in 4 different colors so she named it “the pert.”
  3. One of her other favorites is the girl shooter marble. It was the first one to have pink in it for girls. She named it sweet pea whereas the boy shooter marble she named black-eyed pea.Girl shooter marbleBoy shooter marbles

  4. One of the unique marbles only had a limited run which is named the Confetti marble.confetti marble
  5. These next ones are very rare. She named these wedding cake because it reminded her of icing coming out of the cake. (this is making me hungry!)wedding cake marbles

With thousands and thousands of marbles that she has seen and collected over the years, it’s fun to see some of her favorites! Who knew there were so many different colors, sizes, and types!