Tips for your next train journey visit

April 27, 2019

In order to get the MOST out of your time at EnterTRAINment Junction, we’ve provided some helpful tips that you’ll want to consider for your next visit!

  1. DO-IT-ALL Ticket! This is our BEST deal and it will give you access to all of our attractions! You’ll get to experience the Train Journey which includes the train display, kids play area, train museum, and Coney Island display as well as the A-Maze-N funhouse which includes a mirror maze, vortex tunnel, tilt room, optical illusions and more! Right now, when you buy a do it all ticket, you get a free return ticket to come back! (Must be used by May 27)
  2. SCAVENGER HUNTS! Be sure to grab a scavenger hunt and search for different items as you journey through our display. You’ll find so many things that you won’t even realize were there. (I even find something new every time I walk through!)
  3. BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR! The tours are great for anyone who is into model trains or anyone who likes to learn how things were made! The tours take you underneath our display, tell about the history of the Junction, and answer any questions you might have, whether it’s technical, model trains, or other!Train Journey Display
  4. UPGRADE TO A PASS! If you enjoyed your visit with us, be sure to ask for a year-long pass! We can apply what tickets you purchased to a year-long pass. Typically, if you come within 3-4 visits the pass will pay for itself! It includes all attractions, all year long, and even all of our special promotions like Halloween, Christmas, Thomas month, and more! There are also specialty perks like bring a friend free for pass holders! (Which is coming up May 1-24!)First Class boarding pass for Train Journey