These are a few of my favorite scenes

February 16, 2019

This blog entry features some of my personal favorite scenes depicted in EnterTRAINment Junction’s layout. There are so many amazing and hand crafted details, I could write a whole book on that alone! Nonetheless, here are my top 4 favorite scenes:

  1. The drive in has definitely progressed throughout the years and is easily one of my favorite scenes in the layout. It started out as what looked like a plain old billboard and it has since transformed to an operational theater! With the push of a button, guests can enjoy scenes from a few select movies.
  2. Coney Island of course has to make the list. I think it’s a top pick for most people and I can see why. It’s 1,000 sq foot replica of the historic Cincinnati’s Coney Island and features a roller coaster that’s 40 feet long and 4 feet tall!

  1. Houses on a hill. I love the details- the clothes hanging out to dry, the tire swing, and, come on, those houses have a great view! I often imagine shrinking down and living in one of these houses!
  2. The modern city is neat in and of itself, but the bridge to nowhere is iconic in our display. I’ve seen some really cool photos of the bridge as it definitely holds artistic value.


What are some of your favorite scenes in the display? Let us know on our facebook page and show us some of your favorite photos!