Spring Cleaning with Your Kids

May 5, 2015

Fun Cleaning Kids

Cleaning always sounds like a drag and it makes it even harder to achieve with little ones messing it up faster than you can clean. Here are some tips to achieve that spring clean feel while actually getting your kids to help!

  • Give small rewards for each task with young kids, like stickers to put on their chore sheet, if the stickers are of their favorite superhero or princess, that tends to up the motivation as well! Toddlers like to show off their accomplishment so be sure to give them praise in keeping up the good work!
  • Have a clean up dance party! Blast some music and let them dance while picking up toys, dusting or organizing. Every time they stop picking things up or doing their chore, stop the music!
  • Make games out of picking things up like slam dunking, or tossing dirty clothes into a hamper!


  • Make rearranging their room part of the clean up, having a “new” room is always exciting, and sometimes having this new space helps them keep it clean a little longer (you can hope)!
  • Older kids are more likely to be motivated by rewards, get them engaged by tying the completion of chores to their allowance, or allow them to name their own reward, which doesn’t even have to be monetary. Like a later bedtime once a week, for example, might provide enthusiastic buy-in. Find out what motivates them, and you might be surprised how your kids start to help with cleaning chores!

All in all, keeping it fun will help get the job accomplished with less arguments, rather than having it drag out because its looked at as a “chore”.

An after cleaning popsicle is a refreshing and tasty reward! You can see our favorite DIY recipes here.