Seven Ways To Keep a Healthy Family

March 10, 2014

Keep Family Healthy

When it comes to staying healthy, EnterTRAINment understands the dilemmas moms face. The last thing any mom wants is for her babies or family to get sick. Because of the ongoing struggle of keeping a healthy family, EnterTRAINment does our part in keeping our facility as clean as possible to prevent any illnesses from spreading.

Most people are unaware that we clean our bathrooms throughout the day. Not only do we consistently clean our bathrooms but we also sanitize the entire kids’ play area every day. We keep EnterTRAINment cleaner than any other attraction. We want you remain a healthy family and for you to be able to visit somewhere that can help in your efforts.

Because we value healthy families we have offered you  seven tips for keeping your family healthy.

1. Don’t Cough Into Your Hands

Coughing into your hands is one of the quickest ways to spread germs. Teach your children and other children playing with your children to cough and sneeze into tissues then wash their hands afterwards.

2. Rest Your Children and Self

When we are stressed and under rested our immune systems weaken and make us more susceptible to get sick. Keep your children and yourself well rested and limit stress levels so everyone’s immune system is operating at it’s fullest potential.

3. Good Nutrition

A well balanced diet filled with good nutrients will help strengthen your children’s and your immune system and fight off bad germs.

4. Quarantine Sick Children

Okay, not literally quarantine but keep your sick children in their room away from others. Don’t let the germs spread to other rooms of the house.

5. Wash Hands And Surfaces Frequently

Hands you can clean under warm water frequently throughout the day. Surfaces can be wiped down with a clorox wipe, lysol etc. Keep surfaces that are touched by kids frequently cleaned.

6. Don’t Share Food and Drinks

Swapping saliva is one of the quickest ways to spread germs. Discourage your children from doing so.

7. Stay Up To Date With Vaccines

Flu shots and other regular vaccines are important to health of you and your family. Make sure you are staying up to date with all required and necessary vaccines.