It’s All About the Details!

July 21, 2017

One of the most talked about things here at EnterTRAINment Junction is our scavenger hunts! We always have new additions to the display… whether it’s new automations or hidden figures!

Some of our most popular scavenger hunts are seasonal. At Christmas we have Santa’s little helpers crusin’ the display, mini pumpkins at Halloween, and the bunnies and chicks at Easter.

We’re a fan of Disney here and are known for hiding some of our favorite characters throughout the display.  Who doesn’t love Disney classics… like everyone’s favorite mouse, sheriff, monster, and pig!

Some of the most incredible findings aren’t even on the scavenger hunts! Check out the details in this building:

Everything has been hand crafted by volunteers to make it as realistic as possible- from the furniture and rugs to the tables and place settings, even the drinks filled to the rim!

This is another favorite scene with the miniature clothes hanging out to dry, the pig in the pen on the side of the hill, and a tire swing hanging off in the house in the top left corner:

If you look in Rachel’s art studio you’ll see a painting class in progress along with pottery along the walls. It looks like it could be an actual studio! 

Next time you’re at EnterTRAINment Junction, grab one of our scavenger hunts and see what special group is hiding in the layout for the month! And don’t forget to let us know what your favorite thing is you have found in our display!