EnterTRAINment to be on TV with Tracks Ahead

July 15, 2014


Last week, the crew from the television show Tracks Ahead was here at EnterTRAINment Junction for filming!

Tracks Ahead is a show on PBS that features the best of steam locomotives, railroad stories, model trains and railroad art.



Trains Ahead

Tracks Ahead’s main audience is small children watching with their mothers and die hard train enthusiasts. The series shows footage of all types of railroading, both in the United States and in the rest of the world. They have featured scenic rail journeys, short-line railroads, layouts (in various gauges of model, tinplate, scale, garden), artists, and photographers.

Ray Hughes Charlotte-Hughes

Ray and Charlotte Hughes were interviewed for the show. Both of them have been heavily involved in EnterTRAINment Junction since the very beginning. Ray is our Train Coordinator, and works with our volunteers to assure quality of models and scenery for the layout. Charlotte volunteers 4 days a week she build museum quality models, helps maintain many of the rides in our Coney Island display , along with constructing and maintaining scenery.

Steve Carr

Steve Carr, another volunteer, was also interviewed on how he keeps all of the electronics, and trains running and maintained on the tracks. Our owner Don Oeters, will also be featured on the show.