Ever Wondered What’s Underneath EnterTRAINment’s Mountains?

July 1, 2014

Did you know here at EnterTRAINment Junction we offer a Behind the Scenes Tour that will take you inside the mountains?


As you walk through our display you may have noticed doors inside the tunnels you pass through, that’s because there are multiple walking pathways inside and underneath the display!  On the tour you’ll actually get to walk these pathways with our train master and learn secrets about theWorld’s Largest Indoor Train Display and how we began!


We can actually walk on the top of the entire train display, which allows for easy maintenance of buildings and track and adding new things so there will always be something new to look at. There are multiple buildings on the display that will “pop-up” so workers can craw from underneath the display and come out through the buildings! On a behind the scenes tour you’ll get to see some of these secret passage ways.


You can see more pictures and read about how we maintain and add to our layout on the Big Train Project, and learn a few other fun facts with our 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us!