Why you should consider traveling by train for your next vacation

February 21, 2018

Here in Ohio, when most of us plan a trip, we think about driving or flying to our destinations, but train travel deserves a much needed second look! Trains can’t always get you to every destination, but traveling from city to city makes train travel great! Here are just a few reasons to consider it as your official mode of transportation:

-Trains are generally cheaper than flying short distances. The prices are generally stable and don’t fluctuate as much as plane tickets do. There are also (in most cases) less lines and less intense security procedures which means- ideally- you can just walk on to your train.

-Seats are usually more roomy than the backseat of a car or economy seat on a plane -you also have more freedom to move about and no need to worry about turbulence or fastening your seat belt.

-There is no traffic when traveling by train which might just be one of my favorite reasons for train travel!

-The experience itself is one of relaxation where one can enjoy the scenery… Instead of being solely concerned on getting you to your destination, train rides are about the journey getting there as well.

As you might recall, I wrote an article a while back about my train ride to Machu Picchu. (Link can be found here) The train ride was beautiful and scenic-better than you can imagine. (and way better than you can tell from the pictures!) Not only that, but it was a wonderful experience as well! We were served food and drinks on board and they also provided entertainment – a fashion show and dancing along the aisles! If you ever find yourself exploring Machu Picchu I highly recommend traveling Peru Rail!

For those not traveling internationally anytime soon, there are sites like  Amtrak and Wanderu to help connect cities within reach.

Have you travel by train anywhere? If so, let us know on our facebook page or in the comments below!