#73 April Status Update

April 15, 2013

The Big Train Project Status Report (Part 73)

As promised last month, this month’s article showcases the 1/24th scale model circus loaned to EnterTRAINment Junction (EJ) by Richard and Twyla Schillhahn of Springfield, Ohio.  The model is located in the entry to EJ’s fun-house, and is by itself worth the price of admission.

As is customary for EJ models, this one is also protected by a Plexiglas barrier to keep the fingers of the curious away.  Figure 1 provides an overview of the scope of what Richard has modeled.  The two tents are cut away to show the superb interior details.  Also, Richard has included all of the support vehicles needed to transport this itinerant show.

Figure 1.  Circus Overview

Figure 1.  Circus Overview

The main tent has three rings with their simultaneous shows, as is common for Circuses in the U.S. (Figure 2).  In addition, there are the clowns, the band, an elephant parade, and plenty of seating, including bleachers and hundreds of individually modeled folding chairs.

Figure 2.  Inside the Main Circus Tent

Figure 2.  Inside the Main Circus Tent

At one end of the tent is the “Human Cannonball’s” launcher with the “Cannonball” standing proudly at its front (Figure 3).

Figure 3.  The Human Cannonball and Cannon

Figure 3.  The Human Cannonball and Cannon

The Lion Tamer is very busy putting over a dozen of his big cats through their paces (Figure 4).  Equestrians and a tightrope walker occupy the other two rings.

Figure 4.  Taming the Big Cats

Figure 4.  Taming the Big Cats

No circus would be complete without its “midway” of games and attractions, including, of course, the souvenir stand with flags, balloons, stuffed animals, and other treasures (Figure 5).

Figure 5.  The Souvenir Stand

Figure 5.  The Souvenir Stand

And, where there’s a circus, there have to be elephants.  And where there are elephants, there has to be clean up after them (Figure 6).

Figure 6.  “Cleanup in Aisle Two”

Figure 6.  “Cleanup in Aisle Two”

These are just a few of the outstanding details Richard has included in this huge display.  There are many many more.  Come see and enjoy the display, taking the time to explore and appreciate its many facets.

© 2013 Tom Bartsch
MVGRS Big Train Project Coordinator