#57 Status Report

November 8, 2011

The holidays bring with them special feelings, and the staff and volunteers at EnterTRAINment Junction try to bring some of that spirit into the layout and the other parts of the facility.  So, in this report we’ll look at some of the special EJ preparations for the holidays in 2011.


In honor of Veterans Day, a number of military-related items and scenes appeared in locations throughout the layout.  One of the scenes added some special visitors to the memorial to deceased members of the Cincinnati and Miami Valley garden railway clubs, many of whom were military veterans.   The memorial (Figure 1) is located across the tracks from the 3M building in the Modern City.



Figure 1.  The Memorial



In the display area, the customary exhibits (Neil Young’s Traveling Layout, the Children’s Museum Layout, the Mt. Adams Incline model, and the miniature amusement ride display) were joined by this year’s version of the snow-scene Christmas Layout.  These annual additions to EJ’s displays are unique designs each year, configured to fit into the available space in the display area.  Figure 2 shows the 2011 layout under construction.  It’s constructed with a wooden framework covered with lots of “poultry wire” and cotton batting for the snow.


Figure 2.  Christmas Layout Under Construction




The completed layout, with its snowy finery, trees, and multiple village scenes has tracks on three levels and a number of bridges and tunnels to add interest (Figure 3).  Admission to the Display Area is free during the Christmas season.  Entry is at the end of the hallway to the left of the Gift Shop.


Figure 3.  The Christmas Layout Completed




On the EJ main layout, the Christmas season also gets some additional holiday finery.  Figure 4 shows the ladies of the Monday work crew of MVGRS members preparing and installing Christmas decorations on the houses and the church that adorn the area in the Modern City closest to the aisle, adjacent to the lift bridge.


Figure 4.  Decorating Houses for Christmas



Figure 5 shows one of the houses completed and installed on the layout.  Looks like the weather is still warm enough for short sleeve shirts for the horseshoe players, but the sled is ready and waiting in case there the weather changes to snowy.


Figure 5.  Decorated and in Place



In the park between the houses and the church, the ice skating pond is back in business, and the gazebo has been properly adorned as has the Christmas tree in the foreground (Figure 6).


Figure 6.  Ice Skaters


These are just some of the additions to enjoy during the holidays through early January.  Come check them out before they disappear again until next year’s holiday season.


© 2011 Tom Bartsch

MVGRS Big Train Project Coordinator