4 Gluing Alternatives Train Table DI

January 13, 2015

To Glue or Not to Glue

To Glue or Not to Glue?

We get asked daily what is the best way to secure your wooden track pieces to your train table. I usually recommend wood glue, IF you are dead set on having them be secured for good, BUT there are other options and better ways that will keep your child’s interest in your train table investment MUCH longer!

Once your wooden railway tracks are fully secured to the table its limits your ability for expansion, and your child’s hands on play. When your child is 1-2 years it is helpful to have pieces secured, once they hit about the 3 year old range they are going to want to tear down and rebuild their set over and over again themselves. Plus, genuine Thomas tracks and accessories keep a very high percent of their purchase price, and even generic still resells easily If it’s glued down, it’s even hard to unload on Craigslist.

For toddlers that get frustrated with with track pieces coming apart, and parents who are frustrated with rebuilding the layout over and over, securing is a good choice. Before you glue think about these other options to keep the tracks together.

Sure Track

  • Suretrack Clips. They come in packs of 14 for about $10-14 you’ll probably need about 2-4 boxes depending on the size of your layout. This is the best solution for securing your tracks because it causes zero damage to any of your pieces or play board, keeps them in place, and can easily be taken off. https://www.amazon.com/Suretrack/dp/B000AQT8R0
  • Hot glue. This will be much easier for removal when your child gets the hang of building their set themselves. Hot glue can easily be peeled away from the wooden tracks, and from the play board. If your placing it on a painted surface it can be removed carefully with a paint scraper or knife to save the paint as much as possible.
  • Finishing nails. These can be hammered into your tracks onto the table and easily hammered or pulled back out and only leave tiny holes in your play board that are hardly noticeable, or can be touched up with paint.
  • No residue duct tape. This is my second favorite because its cheap and still makes it very easy for the track to be changed and added on to but still holds them in place enough to prevent your child from knocking it over repeatedly. Roll and flatten pieces to track and structures and place on your board.


Plus, using these methods will allow you to use your train table later on! Like repainted to make a chalkboard table, or repurposed for legos and other activities!