10 Picnic Spots In Cincinnati Every Family Should Enjoy

April 29, 2016

Cincinnati Parks

Clocks have officially sprung forward our days are growing longer and evening hours lighter. Flowers are blooming and spring is in the air. The season of picnics is here for all to enjoy.

EnterTRAINment loves Cincinnati, we love everything about the city and we love the deep history and beautiful places for families to enjoy. Picnics are as much a part of  our cultural history as trains are. We want you to embrace family traditions in every aspect of your life and enjoy everything to do in Cincinnati.

Picnics are the perfect way to spend time as a family, on a budget and enjoy everything our beautiful city has to offer.  All of the parks we mention have designated picnicking areas. All offer a wonderful ideal place to eat with the family. It’s the uniqueness of each park that will draw you to them for different reasons. Here are our personal favorite ten picnic spots in Cincinnati.

1. Alms Park

Alms park located on 711 Alms Park Lane Cincinnati, OH 45226 serves an a memorial mark to The Frederick H. Alms. The park offers an outstanding view of the river and Lunken Airport. Your family can enjoy the beautiful woodland scenery, a concrete slide even the parents will love sliding down, hiking trails, a place area and watching the planes take off and land.  This park offers limitless fun your family.

2. Ault Park

Alt Park located on 3600 Observatory Ave Cincinnati, OH 45208 is easily one of the prettiest parks in the city. If you’re a flower lover Ault Park is the park for you. Ault park provides beautiful picnic facilities surrounded by some of the prettiest flowers in the city. The park offers nature trails children’s play areas and a striking pavilion and look out. There’s enough space for your family to bring a soccer ball, Frisbee or any other activity your family enjoys to the park and play for hours.

3. Eden Park

Eden Park is located on is Home to the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and the Krohn Conservatory. If you’re looking to spend a day with your family outside then to follow up with a play at night or if you’re looking to enjoy a morning at the art museum and an afternoon in the park Eden Park is the perfect park. The park contains landmarks within the park including Hinkle Magnolia Garden, which features a picturesque gazebo, memorial tree groves and paths, Mirror Lake, and the Bettman Fountain. This park gives you and your family to mix indoor and outdoor activities in one convenient place.

4.  Mt. Echo Park

Mt. Echo Park located on 202 Crestline Drive Cincinnati, OH 45202, contains playgrounds and hiking trails for the whole family to enjoy. The park offers an incredible view of Downtown Cincinnati, The Ohio River and Kentucky. The park offers the view of a beautiful arched pavilion built in 1929 built by the WPA in the Great Depression. The history of the park alone makes it a place you’re going to want to see and share with your family

5. Fernbank Park

Fernbank Park located on 50 Thornton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45233, along side of the Ohio River for over a mile this park offers something offers hours of outdoor activities and entertainment. Located in the park you will find playgrounds, a bike trails, fishing areas and an open field perfect for all kinds of outdoor sports. You can also enjoy watching the diverse wildlife brought in from the forest life and watching the river boats and barges from the picnic areas. This park offers a great day of enjoying nature with the family.

6. California Woods

California Woods located on 5400 Kellogg Ave, is the park for true nature loves. This park alone features over 50 different species of trees, 200+ species of herbaceous plants, and Lick Run Creek, home to kingfishers, snapping turtles, small fish, myriad invertebrates and the occasional visit from grebes, mallards, wood ducks and beavers. If your family enjoys learning about wildlife this is the park for you. Though, it is important to note dogs are not allowed.

7. Sawyer Point

Sawyer Point Located on, 705 E Pete Rose Way Cincinnati, OH Sawyer point is a park that is a mile long. This park is perfect for avid sports loving families. Inside the park there are 8 outdoor tennis courts, 3 sand volleyball courts, a world-class playground, the Armeleder Memorial Sprayground, bike rentals, the Serpentine Wall, the Public Landing, and the Showboat Majestic. After a wonderful meal with the family you can burn off the calories in variety of fun ways that you do with the family.

8. Smale Riverfront Park

Smale Riverfront Park located on W Mehring Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202, offers a smaller eating area but a great place to eat and wear the kids out before nap time.  Though the area is smaller now it won’t be for long. This is the first phase in the 45 acre portion of the park. You can currently enjoy cooling off in the water play area, a beautiful view of the river, playground, boat dock event stage and more. You’ll undoubtedly have fun with the family and find something new to explore.

9. Mt. Airy Forest

Mt. Airy Forest  located on 5083 Colerain Ave Cincinnati Ohio 45223, If your family enjoys hiking this is the place to go. You can enjoy a nice meal and get the energy needed for their miles of hiking trails. Not only is this the park for hiking but it provides bridle trails for horseback riding. This park is unique in the fact that it offers Ohio’s only wheelchair accessible public tree house. Other enticing features include an enclosed dog park, and a disc golf course.

10. Washington Park

Washington Park located on 1230 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45210,  offers  a beautiful field to eat on with the family. Not only is it the perfect place for a packed picnic but there are food trucks along the park to purchase relatively cheap meals for the family. The park offers a beautiful view of Music Hall. Inside the park you will find a water play area for the children, an enclosed dog park and playground different than any other in the city. There are events that take place on almost any given day in the park to enjoy. If you’re looking for a great park that offers something new this park is the perfect solution.

Each and every one of these parks will provide your family with an amazing place to have a picnic. They all have much to offer and to take your picnic from an enjoyable family meal to and an enjoyable family adventure.
Let the parks of Cincinnati provide you with memories that will forever be cherished by your family.