5 Reasons We Love the Funhouse!

April 6, 2017

If you’ve been to EnterTRAINment Junction, you’ve most likely been through the A-Maze-N Funhouse and you know what a treat that can be! The A-Maze-N funhouse not only features the region’s largest mirror maze, but a spinning vortex, tilt room, and optical illusions that will leave you puzzled and amazed.  We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons people go crazy for the fun house:

  1. People like to laugh. And trust me, you’ll be doing plenty of that! Whether it’s trying to keep your balance in our 25-degree angled tilt room, or making faces in the distorted mirrors, you won’t be able to contain yourself!
  2. It’s wacky and has optical illusions that will make your head spin. People love things that play with the mind’s eye- when what we see disagrees with reality. You can see more optical illusions at http://brainden.com/optical-illusions.htm
  3. People enjoy getting lost… or at least figuring their way out! Most people enjoy a challenge and the feeling that comes with figuring out a puzzle. You can find your way through the challenging maze of curtains, or hall of mirrors, but be careful… you might end up in a dead end!
  4. Fun houses make adults feel like a kid again. Not only does it bring back the nostalgia of the good old fashioned fun houses from childhood, but it reminds us all of what it’s like to have fun and enjoy the experience.
  5. Photo op! There are plenty of opportunities for one of a kind photos. The tilt room makes you look like you’re falling over… You can even defy gravity and witness a ball rolling up hill! There’s also an Ames room that makes people appear to grow or shrink when moving from one corner to the other.

Whether it’s finding your way through a maze or keeping your balance in our tilt room, there is plenty of reasons to love the A-Maze-N funhouse.

What’s your favorite room?? Share with us in the comments or on our facebook page .


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